First Pattern Launched!

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Just A L'il Romance Fingerless Gloves

Just in time for the chilly months and upcoming holidays, my first pattern, Just A Li’l Romance Fingerless Gloves, is now available for download on Ravelry.

Designed in Muench Yarns’ Touch Me, a luscious worsted weight chenille, these little mitts are toasty elegance. The Trendsetter Zoe* adds just the right amount of bling. They’ll be a quick knit for anyone familiar with the basics of glove knitting, making them a great project for gifts. A glossary and links to web tutorials are included in the pattern in case there are one or two techniques you need to brush up on. (more…)

W.O.N. (What’s On the Needles) – One Skein. Which Stitch? Ugh!

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Tilli Thomas Beaded Lace in Spider Stitch #3

Decisions, Decisions!

A project can sprout from anywhere. Sometimes it’s borne of a genuine need such as replacing an old sweater or creating a special gift; sometimes it’s inspired by something shiny in the sale bin.  Often, it begins with experimenting with an untried stitch or fiber. Whatever the excuse, if it’s my own design, there are lots of decisions to be made.  I want yarn, stitch, and pattern to come together so that I’m the only one who knows where the idea originated. In the case of this W.O.N., it started with a yarn. (more…)

Brooklyn Smells

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Under the Linden Tree

A Linden Blooms in Brooklyn

On June 19th my summer officially began. It took the calendar a couple days to catch up. But my summer begins with my first whiff of linden tree flowers and that happened on June 19th not the 21st. Linden’s extra special because it doesn’t announce itself like magnolias or cherry trees. It’s unassuming.

Most of the linden trees that I’ve seen in Brooklyn have wide, bright green leaves that shelter clusters of small, creamy yellow flowers that bloom in late spring. Unless you catch the honey-like scent on a breeze, you might be directly under one before you know it’s that kind of tree. I need to exercise my blog muscles, so I took pictures. Then thought, “How can I work this into the blog? What’s the connection between knitting and linden?” (more…)