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“The journey is better than the inn.”

  ~ Cervantes

A journey can be defined by the distance traveled or the progress made. It can encompass hundreds of miles or be as basic as cracking open a satisfying book. At Journey’s Thread, all journeys lead to knitting. That’s my reality. I have a BFA in Fashion Design and an MS in Digital Imaging & Design. My first career out of college was designing men’s sweaters, but I drifted away from fashion and knitting to pursue other interests, including illustration and 3D animation. With this blog, I would like to invite readers to join me on my path as I reconnect with my knitted roots and explore some of the things that inspire me most: fiber, art, music, travel, friends, food, wine & yoga. I believe everything is connected, so it’s easy to imagine that everything is connected to knitting. A word, a fleeting thought, a color, a taste can at once lead to a new sweater design or whole new way of approaching a mothballed project. However loosely related, I’d like to follow the threads where they lead and I hope readers will, in turn, share their insights and journeys with me.   ~ Doris Pritchett


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